ASCOMETAL® offers a full range of carbon and alloy steels compliant with the national and international standards requirements. In addition to these conventional grades, which can be tailored to better suit individual customer specifications, Ascometal® offers also a wide range of speciality products, fulfilling the most severe requirements of each market and stemming from its R&D work.

Standard grades

  • Alloy and carbon steels
  • Through & Surface Hardening steels
  • Case-hardening steels
  • Induction hardening steels
  • Spring steels
  • Bearing steels
  • Nitriding steels


Metasco® : steels suitable for hot forging treatment (bainitic and AFP steels)

  • Metasco® 38 and 44 ferrito-perlitic up to Rm =1000MPa
  • Metasco® BA, bainitic ; Rm< 1000MPa
  • Metasco® BAE75, bainitic steel with Re > 750 MPa, Rm ≤ 1,000 Mpa for induction heat treatment
  • Metasco® MC, MC2, 1200 : bainitic up to Rm = 1200 MPa
  • Metasco® HCi, bainitic for induction heat treatment up to Rm = 1150 MPa

Ascowell® : steels for oil and gas drilling and well completion

  • Ascowell® C, extended life in corrosive environments
  • Ascowell® TJC,for Forged Tool Joints resisting to corrosion
  • Ascowell® HS, high yield strength with excellent resilience and fatigue resistance
  • Ascowell® HT, high resilience at low temperature with Re > 1,000 MPa
Endurasco® : high-endurance bearing steels
Jomasco® : case-hardening steels with optimized Jominy and enhanced quenchability, low nickel alloyed
To manufacture transmission parts
  • Jomasco® 23 (20-23MnCrMo5): steel with optimized Jominy quenching and for technical gains in case-hardening
  • Jomasco® 23Mod  (23MnCrMo5 mod.) : adapted to replace Ni grades , improved Jominy quenching and case-hardening, compatible with low pressure case hardening/gas quenching

To manufacture cones and drilling parts 

  • Jomasco® DB: low Ni, improved Jominy quenching and case-hardening
Ascoroc® : steels for the mining industry

Ascoflex® 20.6: cost saving case-hardening grade, adaptable, easily integrated into manufacturing processes, with properties equivalent to traditional grades.

Nitrasco® : Nitriding steels
Vitac®, Supervitac® : steels with improved machinability and proven levels of performance.

Splitasco® : steels for splitable connecting rods

  • Splitasco® 38 : High fatigue resistance
  • Splitasco® 70 : C70S6 grade with improved machinability
  • Splitasco® HC : very high mechanical properties: Re > 750 MPa and Rm 1000-1150 MPa
  • Splitasco ® XS : bainitic steel for splittable connecting rods meeting very high mechanical properties: Re > 950 MPa and Rm > 1100 MPa