Ascometal® offers :
  • A comprehensive network based in France
  • Complementary production processes (continuous casting and ingot process)
  • Diversified sources of supply
  • Full controlled process and quality tracking
2 steel producing plants : Fos-sur-Mer, Hagondange
3 finishing centers : Custines, Le Marais, Les Dunes
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The Fos-sur-Mer mill, near Marseille (Southern France), produces bearing and engineering steels.


Ingots5,3t to 7,5t
Billets and Blooms80 to 400 mm
Rectangular rolled bloom70-600 mm
Large-diameter rolled round bars suppied as-rolled or heat-trated80 to 325 mm
Wire rod5 to 32 mm
Cold drawn wire rod1 to 22 mm

Main markets

Bearings, Forging, Mechanical Engineering, Oil and Gas.

Metallurgical processing
  • 100MVA - 120 t UHP electric arc furnace
  • RH type vacuum degassing stand
Casting process

Ingot casting, square wide-end up moulds of between 5,3t and 7,5t

Heat treatments

Bar heat treatment installations:
Quenching and tempering: austenitizing furnace for long lengths (max length for bars: 13 m) water or polymer quenching, fully automatic inspection line.
Wire rod heat treatment installations:
Annealing in a protected atmospheric furnace (spheroidizing and stress relieving): 3 continuous furnaces and one batch furnace.

Finishing and inspections

In-line inspection of bars:
Ultrasonic examination, surface quality inspection by infra-red thermography, “Spectrotest”, anti-mix check, visual and dimensional checks.
Wire rod finishing
High performance wire drawing installations, producing a very large range of sizes (1 to 22 mm diameter) with various coatings. Eddy curent control during roling, 100% anti-mix chek, magnetic particle detection of coil ends.


ISO 9001 • IATF 16949 • ISO 14001 • ISO 45001 • ISO 50001 • CE 138


ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV, Germanisher Lloyds, LRS, TÜV.

Postal address: Ascometal — site de Fos-sur-Mer
BP 40030
F-13771 Fos-sur-Mer Cedex

Plant address: Ascometal
Secteur Goulevielle
Route de Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône
F-13270 Fos-sur-Mer
Tel. : +33 4 42 47 93 00
Fax : +33 4 42 05 15 11

GPS position :
N 43.445004
E 4.846805


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