Products / typical end uses

Products and end uses

Main mechanical applications: Transmission chains/drivetrain, extrusion, nitriding, machining, gearing, wind power, railways, Yellow goods (metallurgy, mining and public works equipment), agricultural machinery, boiler tubes, defense...

Typical end parts : Gears, reducers, steering ring gears for wind mills, tool holders, camshafts, printing cylinders, extrusion screws and sleeves, anode holder, rock breaker, wheels and axles for medium to high speed trains...

Steel solutions for the Mechanical Engineering market

Ascometal® supplies a wide size offering of rolled products for the world of mechanical construction thanks to complementing industrial sites.

ExampleØ < 80Ø > 80Ø > 80
Semis / Wire rod /Billets /Blooms
Mechanical partsTool holders
Print rollers
Extrusion screws and sleeves
Punches, moulds, dies…
DefenseShells, guns, casings
WindmillsGears, reducers,
 steering ring gears
MarineConnecting rod, camshaft, axles, piston, crankshaft …
Agricultural machinery
Yellow goods
RailwaysAxles / Wheels
Hand tools