A cutting edge technical support for specific steel solutions

The Mechanical Engineering market covers a wide variety of end uses, from metal processing (hot forging, machining,…) to the manufacturing of complex machinery and engine components. The diversity and location of players frequently lead to frequent sales via specialized distribution. This complexity calls for a deep and throurough knowledge of end users needs.

Thanks to the back up of its R & D center, Ascometal® offers a wide range of products (grades, dimensions, steel making processes, hot and cold finishing, controls…) in line with customers specifications and showing a clear benefit with regards to end product : gains in machinability, gains in case-hardening, possibility to avoid heat treatment further to drop forging…

Our technical knowledge and our international commercial coverage allow us to have an open discussion on specifications with OEMs, especially those having a worldwide presence.

On top of grades fulfilling standards, Ascometal® offers innovative solutions for specific requirements :

  • Vitac®, Supervitac® : high-performance machining product with proven results
  • Jomasco® : case-hardening steels with optimized Jominy an enhanced quenchability
  • Nitrasco® : nitriding steels, offering even greater abrasion resistance
  • Metasco® : steels allowing heat treatment within the hot forging process (bainitic and AFP steels)
  • Ascoroc® : steels for mining industry

Main mechanical applications: Transmission chains/drivetrain, extrusion, nitriding, machining, gearing, wind power, railways, MTPS (metallurgy, mining and public works equipment), agricultural machinery, defense...

Typical end parts : Gears, reducers, steering ring gears for wind mills, tool holders, camshafts, printing cylinders, extrusion screws and sleeves, rock breaker, wheels and axles for railways

Among the main customers approvals :