ASCOMETAL® receives award for Best Customer-Supplier relationship

ASCOMETAL® receives award for Best Customer-Supplier relationship

Since May 2014, ASCOMETAL® has undertaken a number of actions aimed at strenghthening the quality of the relationship with its customers.

These efforts have been regularly rewarded on a one-to-one basis with our various partners, be it for the Qualiy of our products, Technical Developments, or more and more frequently, for On Time Deliveries.

Today, thanks to the FPA (the French equivalent of the Automotive Industry Platform), which encompasses all companies of the French automotive industry, ASCOMETAL® has received an even more global reward: the assessment, conducted in H1 2015, covers all members of the FPA regarding the quality of the Customers-Suppliers relationship.

The result of this study has led to the award of the Trophy for the best quality of Customer-Supplier relationship, both to ASCOMETAL® as a supplier of Special Bar Quality, and NTN as customer.

The ceremony took place this July 7th 2015 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris.

Christophe Cornier, the President of ASCOMETAL®, noted:

" To be awarded such a Trophy, after a wide ranging survey across a number of companies in accordance with specific criteria elaborated by the PEAK Collaborative Index (R), is both an honour and a challenge. We are honoured because such a step acknowledges the efforts and the drive of a company and its teams that are geared to customer satisfaction; it is also however a challenge as ASCOMETAL® will fight to win this award on a regular basis !"

According to the PFA, and based on 20 years of studies, there is a strong correlation between company results and the quality of the Customer-Supplier relationship: this is precisely the path that ASCOMETAL® is following.

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