These grades are adapted to advanced case-hadening processes (low pressure, gas quenching) and can also be used in the regular case-hardening processes.

They can be, on demand, be adapted to high temperature case-hardening process, while maintining a good fine austenitic grain size.These grades are suitable for advanced case-hardening (low-pressure case-hardening and gas quenching) and can also be used for conventional treatments.

Typical end use

gears and pinions for mechanical construction: agricultural machinery, public works equipment, gears…

Case-hardening steels with optimized quenchability


  • Control of Jominy quenchability


  • Control of post-quench geometry
  • Optimisation of implementation and usage properties
  • Reproducibility of properties (geometrical and mechanical)


  • Reduced part deformation
  • Significant savings resulting from shorter manufacturing processes and fewer discards