Environment : A commitment

In a world in which pollution reduction has become a primary goal Ascometal® has been for many years deeply engaged in an environmental policy.
Ascometal® implements a certified ISO 14001 environmental management system. All plants are certified. This environmental protection approach materializes as follows:
  • Constant compliance with laws and regulations
  • A plan for reduction and treatment of our emissions
  • An industrial waste recovery plan for the valorization of our industrial wastes, e.g. our slags in the off high way sector
  • A limitation to our natural resources, energy and fluids consumption, including production steps lowering the use of fossil fuel
  • An innovative steel offer which contributes to our customers’ targets aiming at lowering polluting gaz emmissions or fuel consumption of vehicles: making vehicles lighter weight in order to limit the greenhouse gas emissions
Ascometal® special steels, which can be recycled virtually indefinitely, also contribute to our customers’ environmental efficiency. In the automotive industry , for example, our steel grades contribute to design lighter weight vehicles, hence lowering their fuel consumption, and as a consequence, lower their contribution to green house effect.