Special steels

Customized solutions

In order to meet ever more stringent requirements and increase part reliability and life expectancy Ascometal® developped over the years, innovative steel solutions: the Ascowell® product range for externe conditions, as well as the Jomasco® DB for drill bits


  • Ascowell® C
  • Ascowell® TJC
  • Ascowell® HS
  • Ascowell® HT
  • Jomasco® DB

ASCOWELL® CEnhanced 4145Hmod with extended life in corrosive environments
• 110ksi
• Wide dimensional range of products
ASCOWELL® TJC Steels for sour service resistant forged tool joints
• ≤ 26HRC
• Ready for friction welding
• Non fracture stress after 720h in NACE solution, according to TM01-77 ≥ 65% de Rp0.2
ASCOWELL® HS Enhanced 4330Vmod with high yield strength with excellent resilience and fatigue resistance
ASCOWELL® HT High resilience at low temperature with Re > 1,000 MPa
JOMASCO® DB Low nickel case-hardening steels with optimized Jominy and enhanced quenchability
• Optimized carburizing grade
• Low nickel content