ASCOMETAL® ensures a wide range of finishing operations, including :

Heat treatments
Several quenching facilities (water, polymer, oil, induction) and furnaces intended to several treatments: annealing, stress relieving, spheroidizing, isothermal, normalizing, pearlitic.
Cold finishing operations
  • Straighthening
  • Peeling
  • Shearing
  • Cutting to length
  • Beveling and machining, drilling, boring

Inpection and Control

As soon as a grade of steel is produced, it undergoes numerous checks and inspections to guarantee its conformity with specifications (cleanness, machinability, geometry, ...)
Ascometal® ensures a wide range of inspection operations, including :

  • Internal soundness (ultrasounds, ultrasonic inspection at 100% of volume)
  • Internal cleanness inspections (ultrasound inspection in tank, wide field image analyses, ...)
  • Surface quality inspections (eddy currents, magnetic dispersion leakage flux, magnetic particle inspection, ...)
  • Conventional laboratory tests (analyses, mechanical tests, metallographic examinations).
  • Dimensional and anti-mix inspections