Research and development

Innovative solutions

  • Proactive: Solution proposed spontaneously
  • Reactive: to specific customer requirements
  • A project team dedicated to the automotive market
  • Development of specific tests (e.g. crankshaft, connecting rods)
  • Traditional and innovative testing and characterization equipment
  • Efficient modelling tools
  • A certified automotive quality approach

A solution to new requirement

  • Jomasco®: case-hardening steels with optimized Jominy and enhanced quenchability
  • Splitasco® HC/XS/38/70: steels for splittable connecting rods
  • Metasco® MC/MC2/1200/HCi/BA/BAE75: Steels allowing heat treatment within the hot forging process (bainitic and AFP steels)
  • Vitac®, Supervitac®: steels with improved machinability and proven levels of performance
  • ASCOFLEX ® 20.6 : Cost saving, adaptable casehardening grade with properties equivalent to molybdenum grades

Always geared towards simultaneously increasing mechanical characteristics ensuring the best use properties, together with the lowest production cost of the final part.