Ascometal® offers :
  • A comprehensive network based in France
  • Complementary production processes (continuous casting and ingot process)
  • Diversified sources of supply
  • Full controlled process and quality tracking
2 steel producing plants : Fos-sur-Mer, Hagondange
3 finishing centers : Custines, Le Marais, Les Dunes
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The Hagondange mill, near Metz (Eastern France), specializes in the manufacture of small-section products.


Rolled round bars16 to 100 mm
Peeled round bars15 to 85 mm

Main markets

Automotive, Forging, Bearings, Mechanical Engineering.

Metallurgical processing
  • 90 MVA - 110t UHP electric-arc furnace
  • Vacuum tank degassing
Casting process

4-strand vertical continuous caster producing 240mm2 square blooms, magnetical stirring

Heat treatments
  • Continuous annealing furnaces: spheroidizing , pearlitic, stress relieving, isothermal, normalizing…
  • Quenching and tempering furnaces with different quenching media available (water, polymer, oil)
Finishing and inspections
  • In-line peeling installations and non-destructive testing (dimensional checks, surface defect detection, internal soundness examination, anti mix), in preparation for despatch
  • Automated finishing and inspection lines : straightening, non-destructive testing (dimensional checks, anti mix/structure check, surface defect detection, internal soundness examination), preparation for dispatch
  • ISO 9001 • IATF 16949 • ISO 14001 • ISO 45001 and ISO 50001


Address: ASCOMETAL® — site d'Hagondange
Avenue de France B.P. 90038
F-57301 Hagondange Cedex
Tel. : +33 3 87 70 51 21
Fax : +33 3 87 70 50 00

GPS position
N 49.241492
E 6.152631

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