ASCOMETAL®, a key european producer of long engineering steel products… a partner to your success

Ascometal® is known all over the world, particularly in the Automotive/Forging, Bearings, Oil and Gas, and Mechanical engineering markets. Our organisational structure is based on specific industry sectors, which are supported by an in-depth knowledge of our customers' needs.
Our technical and commercial development is ensured by experienced teams who are fully knowledgeable about all the industrial processes.
A complete product offering from specialists : Ascometal® has an extensive range of grades, products (geometry/dimensions), and finishing processes (heat treatments, cold finishing, inspections) which are tailored to the various and specific needs of its customers.
Product/process innovation is at the core of our approach: our Research & Development Center (CREAS) is constantly developing new steel solutions to meet the increasingly specific demands of our customers.